Principles of Simulation (Project) (SIM) As an exception: ONLINE only in WS21/22

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Eber, Akad. Oberrat

Tue 9:45h - 11:15h (Tutorial) / Tue 13:15h - 14:45h (Lecture), online in SS2021 (via Moodle) (usually room 3115 / CIP-Pool 3209 and only summertherm).

Balthasar Moos, M.Sc., Wiss. Assistent

Start: 20.04.2021 (lecture) / 27.04.2021 (tutorial)
This lecture comprises teaching lessons as well as the supervised elaboration of a simulation model. The logistic activities of a real project taken from construction management will be modeled, several appropriate scenarios are to be simulated and finally analysed. Teams formed by 2-3 students are accepted.

Please register online with TUMONLINE for the lecture as well as for the examination in time.

After the last tutorial a period of time is proposed for the final elaboration of the project. The submission date will be anounced in time.

Useful but not as a precondition would be to have attended the lecture "Optimierungsverfahren - Simulation und Operations Research".

Please register for the exam at TUMonline.
The submission date will be anounced in time.

- Principles of simulation
- Introductorial models
- Introduction to the software
- Elaboration of the task
- Construction of the simulation model
- Methods of analysis
- Criteria of stability
- Prognostic potential

Lecture notes can be obtained via MOODLE

bauprozessmanagement und immobilienentwicklung
Construction. Real Estate. Management